Posted by: thedianestory | February 14, 2008


A clear night,
A hill far away.
Reminders of God’s faithfulness
Can come if they may.

Still waters I see
And the sunlight’s hue,
But it’s so much more
That comes into my view.

When trials come
And questions arise,
I see this picture
And know that God is wise.

So intricate in detail
And maker of great things.
Just look around at nature
To see what great things God’s love brings.

Too much to handle?
What can I do?
Shouldn’t this picture
Give me a clue?

God is much bigger
And wiser than I.
It’s time to give it
To the One Most High.



  1. wiser then I, time to give it to the one Most High…I love that part!
    I think it is great that you write like that..I used to love to, but I haven’t in a long time…We should go find a cool nature spot when the weather is warm and bring our note books along! That would be fun! Ya?
    Just sit and write someplace…

  2. It’ pretty.

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